Don't give up on your existing fence, Pro Painting can provide a remarkable fence staining or painting service that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Whether you have a wood privacy or wrought iron fence we know exactly what will protect you investment.

Wood Fences: Has your fence turned a dull gray color? The reality is that most fences look weathered and turn gray with in the first year. However if your fence is properly sealed and stained they will keep their color and integrity for many years. Our trained professionals will clean and stain your fence using premium stains and seals. We use a wide variety of finishes to protect your wood fence, solid body stains, transparent, and semi transparent.

Wrought iron and metal Fencing: Has you wrought iron or metal fence lost its luster? Due to weather conditions such as rain and sun exposure your fences coating lose there protective capabilities. Pro Painting comprehensive preparation will have your metal fence looking new again. Depending on the condition of the fence we will sand bast it to remove rust and scale, then coat it with a red oxide primer and final coat.

We are also equipped to remove and install a brand new custom fence.